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    1, our vision is to make Longgong a world-class manufacturing and service company.
    2, our mission is to make Zhejiang Longgong Valve Technology Co., Ltd. stronger and bigger, grow together with customers and employees, maximize returns to society, and return to the motherland.
    3, our aim is to always provide customers with quality, safe and efficient valves.
    4, our spirit is: integrity based, innovation and far-reaching, harmonious development, good fortune and win-win.
    5. Our style of work is: keeping our promises, striving for our goals, forging ahead, and striving for the first.
    6. Our values ​​are:
    Customer: Everything is customer-centric.
    Team: Honor and disgrace, and help each other.
    Rules: System first, leadership second.
    Grateful: Learn to be grateful to win respect.
    Responsibility: Responsible for your own conscience, responsible for the interests of the company, and responsible for the value of the customer.
    Standard: Always keep the best, always aim at the lead.
    7. Our core philosophy is:
    Business philosophy: Heiner River, Chengde-based
    The concept of survival: Only the right way can last forever.
    Development concept: technological innovation, scientific development.
    Competition concept: competition stimulates power and power is strong.
    Brand concept: value creates brand and brand wins wealth.
    Product concept: To create the perfect product with leading technology.
    Market concept: staying in danger, fighting hard
    Sales philosophy: orders are survival rice bowls, customers are food and clothing parents
    Service concept: customer satisfaction is our pursuit
    Wealth concept: Growth is the first wealth, only growth can achieve self-worth
    Work concept: down to earth, really hard work
    Management philosophy: the first person is enough to lead people, the self-discipline is enough to serve people
    Talent concept: people-oriented, talent-oriented, position first, ability second
    Salary concept: paying for results, shame without results
    The concept of achievement: excellent people can exceed the goal, excellent people will create miracles

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