Metal Goods Manufacturing can now stamp its check valves with the CE Mark

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2023-02-18 10:12

Metal Goods Manufacturing (MGM) announced its certification to the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU, covering its line of excess flow check valves and back pressure check valves.  MGM can now stamp its check valves with the CE Mark.  Each valve stenciled with the CE Mark must pass rigorous NDT testing, be welded in accordance with ISO standards, and ship with supplemental documentation and tagging. MGM is pleased to offer the CE Mark as a supplemental offering for its valves for those customers who request it.  “Achieving this certification is a testament to the hardworking, quality-focused folks we have working here at MGM,” says Vice President Harley Gray.  “We pride ourselves on quality workmanship, and we are pleased to have another third-party attest as such,” says quality assurance manager Jason Hickson, who oversaw MGM’s efforts. “This certification is an effort by everyone involved from top management to the inspection department as well as the welders,” says Hickson.  MGM received Annex III Module B certificates for the following valve models:
–         Excess Flow Check Valve Models 166, 40, 41, 141, 244, 301, 189, 217, 501, and 514
–         Back Pressure Check Valve Models 167, 50, 51, 143, 302, 230, and 218
Copies of the above certificates can be found on its website on the applicable product pages for each valve.  In addition, MGM received Annex III Module C2.  This certification complements its existing product certifications, including Canadian Registration Numbers and UL Listings.  MGM look forward to growing its presence in European markets in the future with this additional product certification.

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